What is The Awakkening?

An impact movement filled with over 1,000 on & offline entrepreneurs who support one another. From brand new members to multiple 6 figure earners! Our online trainings will help you become successful from anywhere in the world on social media or through social sharing in person. Our goal is to help you become successful in running your own business independently & as quickly and as simply as possible!

Our Mission

Is to create global sustainability and financial freedom with every single life we come in contact with! In the last 3 years we have AWAKKENED over 1,000 lives and started awakening communities all across the globe in over 10 countries to date & we are just getting started! How did we do that you ask? By hydrating our conversations with life changing products & adding drops of value through mentorship, community, social sharing & simple duplicatable systems. We are eliminating plastic & toxicity from our homes, bodies & PLANET!

Are you ready to Awakken?!

Through our movement we strive to impact society with the knowledge of the world’s most basic yet essential element, WATER! We are passionate to educate the masses about the water we are currently consuming compared to the water we should be is led by our love of health, wellness and healing through more homeopathic methods with the use of a medical grade water machine.

Not only is this living water benefitting the body but it is also helping the planet. When using the machine, we are reducing the impact of the use of plastic and consumption of toxic chemicals byproducts created by the manufacturing of plastic bottles.

We are coming together to create a more sustainable and healthier world. In doing this we are helping future generations enjoy true happiness via health, awareness and movement.

Together we AIM for change #AwakkeningImpactMovement

Awakkening Core Values

When you partner with us this is what you get.

  1. We live our life with purpose, intention & integrity
  2. We provide all an equal opportunity of impact
  3. We look for opportunities to celebrate life and recognize others
  4. We are resilient! There are lessons to be learned in every obstacle (you can go from failure to success you can’t go from excuses to success)
  5. We are solution seekers; we keep our paddles in the water creating constant movement for resolution
  6. Our team, our community, our company, own it!! - We eliminate employee mindset. This is your opportunity!
  7. We lead with love there’s not enough kindness/ compassion in the world

Frequently asked questions Answers to our most asked questions

Absolutely! This has been designed by ordinary people for ordinary people. We have people from all walks of life…. Construction Workers, Hairdressers, Doctors, Nurses, Office Workers, Mechanics, Retail Workers, IT Professionals, Bartenders/Servers, Teachers, Social Workers, Policemen & Women, Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Massage Therapists, At Home Mothers & Fathers, Business Owners, the list goes on…

As much or as little as you want. This is YOUR business. We recommend minimum 10-15 hours per week when you first start out to see results. If you’re like most people who do this alongside a fulltime job, you might be wondering how you will fit those hours in… Are question to you is how long doyou spend per week scrolling through social media or bing watching TV/Netflix? Create a short term sacrifice for your long term success!.

You don’t. Only YOU can make this happen. We will provide endless trainings, access to tools & resources that have helped others become successful. You will have everything you need to succeed, the tools, trainings, 1 on 1 coaching & a supportive team but its up to YOU to put in the work.

Two people join the same gym. One listens to their instructor, follows their training plan & gets the results. The other ignores the instructors plan, cuts corners & does what they think is best. This person doesnt get the results they wanted. It’s the same concept.

NOPE. All our Awakkening offerings are completely free! Anything additional is up to YOU!.

NOPE. We have stay at home parents & people who just want to spend more time with their families, friends, pets & doing what they love from the comfort of their home.

Most of our business partners predominantly stay in their home countries, especially while building their business along their full time jobs.

A lot of people are attracted to this business because of the location freedom you get when you’ve worked hard, so then go on & travel! Live your best life!

We had ZERO experience before this! 98% of people come into this business without having ever done anything like this before. You will have full support from us, our business partners, those who have done it all before & people who are at the exact same stage as you.

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What you get when partnering with The Awakkeing

  • Full Education in social media marketing from scratch
  • Lifetime 1 on 1 personal coaching
  • Access to a global community in 24/7 chat
  • Personal Branding Training
  • Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok Training (how to go viral)
  • 3 Live Group Training Sessions Per Week
  • 1 on 1 Coaching Call to Get Your Business Started With Your Coach
  • Connect with 6 & 7 Figure Business Owners Who Have Mastered Success
  • Work closely with us & our Team on a daily Basis
  • Live Events & Meet Ups With Everyone In The Community All Over The World!
  • Endless Personal Development
  • Hundreds of new friend from around the world all seeking more from life

The best part, Community

Starting any business venture requires knowledge. The best way to learn is through experience. Experience requires failures & lessons to be learnt. Having a mentor & community of people allows you to learn the lessons they’ve learned through their failures & bad decisions without that personal risk. We truly are a UNIT in this together.

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